Spiritual, introspective, nostalgic : Review of Cosmic Link’s new EP, ‘Metaphysical’

Cosmic Link

Alternative jazz and future soul duo, Cosmic Link’s, ‘Metaphysical‘ EP offers an effortlessly beautiful, alleviating listening experience. As winter days approach, this EP inspires comforting, glowing imagery of optimism and brighter days, like the ease and comfort felt admiring a sunset. In this collection of songs, Cosmic Link takes us through a soothing transcendental journey, carried by silky vocals, mellow yet catchy beats and chord progressions that invoke a soft, comforting nostalgia. 

‘Metaphysical’ is certainly a fitting choice of titling for this EP, as the artists illustrate their ability to provoke a more-than-human connection that transcends time and space and inspires both imagination and reflection on our place in the world. Forged at the core of this EP, is an emotional connection between artist and listener, a sense of familiarity. It strikes at the foundations of music’s potential:  the ability to inspire sonic communication, connecting people around the globe and making others both see and hear each other.  In a world as chaotic as ours, this EP illustrates a powerful, profound listening experience that provides something we all are in need of, sonic embrace and emotive, connective experience. 

Each song offers a pocket of exploration into existential paradoxes and declarations of personal truths, navigated through visceral, purposeful melodies that invoke a spiritual massage on your temporal lobe.

Cosmic Link effortlessly encourage a plethora of emotion, igniting spiritual journey through their musical catalogue, with single Quiet Time’s use of cosmic, groovy keys woven with catchy, buoyant lyricism and vocals. Meanwhile, ‘Metaphysical’ inspires an aura of optimism, with sincere, heartfelt lyricism, that weaves seamlessly into smart, groovy percussion beats and soulful chords.

Their single ‘Reality’ on the EP, draws on more memorable, melancholic, yet comforting melodies and chord progressions. With passionate, emotive, and catchy vocals gliding effortlessly into each other. As they sporadically repeat, echo and surround us in an all-encompassing, trance-like sonic experience, the song inspires a journey of introspection,  a journey that feels like a warm embrace, separating you from the noise and chaos of the world around you.

Cosmic Link – Myztroh live | Photography Credit: CF McCain

If you, like me, love the ambient jazz of artists like Jeff Parker, with elements of hip-hop cuts, and funky drums, or the dreamy, psychedelic synths and cosmic chord progressions of Kaidi Thatham, this duo is for you. ‘Metaphysical’ is guaranteed to ensure not only a lift in mood, but to offer a meditative listening experience,  that offers an essence of solace and alleviation, like the warm embrace of a lover or friend.

Listen to ‘Metaphysical’ by Cosmic Link on Spotify

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