Kissing Thieves: Stealing the Spotlight with ‘Faded Underwear’

Kissing Thieves
Stefanie Fields (Lead Singer-Songwriter) and Jonathan Meader (Lead Guitar and Vocals)

“We can think about the past forever, but that won’t change it. Those memories had their time and place. ‘Let it go dove. Time to sing a new song.'”

Stefanie Fields

Folk-rock duo ‘Kissing Thieves’ have decided to champion empowerment not only through their decision to chase their musical dreams but also through their use of emotional, real, and plucky lyrics. The duo’s latest single ‘Faded Underwear’ feels as though it could be a secret Fleetwood Mac B-Side, infused with empathy and insight into what it means to struggle and how to make art out of this experience. Kissing Thieves are a force to be reckoned with as they challenge the conventions of folk music, proving that folk too can be rock ‘n’ roll.

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While there are clear inspirations behind the band’s hypnotic sound, their music is authentic; the construction of the lyrics in Faded Underwear feels as though you are sharing intimate thoughts with a friend. Stefanie Fields transports listeners to a magical and whimsical place through her incredible and haunting vocal range. Fields confessed, ‘“I don’t write pouty love songs, that’s just not where I’m at.” This precious quote is, I believe, what makes Kissing Thieves so special; they do not glorify unrequited love or toxic relationships – instead, they champion independence, empathy, and honesty.

Jonathan Meader (Lead Guitar and Vocals)

“Though it’s our 4th single, it’s actually the first song we ever recorded. It came together with such grace and ease; like magic. It’s as if the song was waiting to exist.”

Stefanie Fields

It is also impossible to listen to this single and not appreciate the musical talent. While Jonathan Meader brings his killer guitar skills and musicianship to the live performances, it’s Zach Miller, the Producer and Recording Engineer, who plays all the instruments on the studio recordings, which partners beautifully with Fields’s beautiful and hazy alto-vocals. There is steady percussion throughout Faded Underwear, and this adds to the feeling that you are following the story, or journey, of the single. There is a raw and vulnerable nature to Kissing Thieves which is prevalent in Faded Underwear and this enriches the music; it makes it feel genuine and relatable.

Zach Miller (Producer / Recording Engineer)

Kissing Thieves encourages listeners to embrace their joyous memories and release those that are painful. They embrace their old memories; after all, it is all of these experiences that make us human. However, they also offer wisdom and insight into how to move on. After listening to these sentiments, just like the dove on the cover, the listener can release their memories and continue to fly high. Readers can follow Kissing Thieves on Instagram and find more over on Youtube, Spotify, Bandcamp, and all the other major streaming platforms. For more IAMUR reviews, click here.

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