Kudre’s ‘Pink’: A Musical Journey of Mistakes and Accountability.

“I am a solo artist trying to bring meaning back into rock music. My music is personal and introspective, and aims to provoke similar feelings of societal disconnectedness and existential confusion to those that listen to it.”

– Kudre

Hailing from southeast London, James Crick, better known as Kudre, is set to make waves with his latest rockin’ single, “Pink,” released 1st November and available to listen to on your streaming platform of choice. He describes himself as a solo artist and is influenced by bands such as Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Royal Blood, who were some of the defining inspirations for “Pink.” I also detect a hint of Kaiser Chiefs in his vocals and the overall vibe of the song.

Despite this being Kudre’s first official studio track, he says he prefers live music rather than studio-produced because of the raw power of the live experience, saying music is at its ‘most authentic’ when live. Nothing beats the intensity and excitement of real-time music, and he surely understands this with how well he has conveyed it here with the shockingly electric sounds bursting out of this track.

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This single reflects on making mistakes and the hard journey of ‘taking accountability.’ The opening lyric “I’ve got a rhythm/But the rhythm don’t play” is Kudre knowing he’s done something worthwhile, he’s grooving along to his own rhythm, but now he’s in a bit of a rut because it won’t ‘play’ anymore. “Give me a reason/To pretend that life is fair” indicates that he’s fed up with the injustice that life is giving him, and he’s looking for a reason to keep on believing in himself. There’s a dramatic riding out in the last minute of the track where everything seems to fade, teasing an ending, and then coming back at full throttle before finishing; the bass providing the final word. Perhaps, this is symbolic of what Kudre is fighting against in this song: a battle between what he can no longer change and the action he needs to take. The music befits the songwriting.


The main takeaway from Kudre’s music is to ‘bring meaning back into rock music,’ as some might say rock’s importance in the music scene has been fading in recent times. He’s followed through on his initiative with his power-packed vocals, energetic guitar, and rattling drums while nodding to the music groups mentioned above. There’s a driving, angsty voice in Kudre that is unleashed in this track, brought out by the rage he’s feeling.

Kudre has done a fantastic job with his single and is off to a great start in his music journey. Catering to alt-rock lovers, the single reintroduces aspects that some suggest have faded in modern rock. Stay tuned for more awesomeness by following him on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify. If you enjoyed this, check out more reviews from IAMUR here.

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