Welcome to the ‘Morning After’ the night before – a storming new single from Cardiff based band ‘The Malakites’

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If you’re a regular on this here website you might remember a little interview from way back in August 2022 with a band of Cardiff lads that call themselves The Malakites. If this one slipped past you that’s no problem, you can see the full interview here, and watch me chat about their storming bout of gigs and mega debut singles! More recently The Malakites have maintained this rapid pace of gigs, literally last night they played a sold out show at the eminent Clwb Ifor Bach. They were billed alongside Swansea band Motel Thieves who describe themselves as ‘music for euphoria seekers’ and Cardiff garage indie outfit Wigwam who you should check out if you’ve never had the pleasure of listening to a band sing in Welsh. Ultimately, it sounds like it was one hell of an evening, but don’t worry if you’ve missed out this gig, there will be plenty more keep an eye on their socials, yeah?

Somewhere in the midst of these gigs The Malakites have found time to write and release a track which hit Spotify in the first week of the New Year, the 5th of January to be exact. The timing was perfect honestly as the track is titled ‘Morning After’ and as the name implies it speaks of new beginnings. It does so through lovelorn lyrics that are entirely relatable to anyone who’s experienced the emptiness you sit with after a relationship break down. It is heavy stuff in the best way possible as it’s a track about moving forward, getting on, and living all wrapped up in a mist of spacey riffs and banging drums. For those who, like me, love losing themselves in some lyrics, the ones to ‘Morning After’ are available for a deep dive on their Instagram post announcing the single’s release.

Listen to ‘Morning After’ by The Malakites on Spotify

Moreover the title, ‘Morning After’, is a lovely tie in and an apt follow on to a little taster called ‘Night Tomorrow’ that was released back in 2022. This teaser of sorts was released as a sneak peak, perhaps even a little test, of the band’s new spacey indie sound which stepped slightly away from their first two singles. Musically, ‘Morning After’ begins with a perfectly liquid lyric-less intro, where the riffs are loose and they manage to create so much space in the first minute or so. This then launches into a crescendo of energy, which makes me slightly envious of those who got tickets to tonight’s gig as ‘Morning After’ is a total belter.

My last little note is about the single cover, which was produced by @llyrtomosphotography and captured on what looks like the bridge in Bute Park, a central green space in Cardiff that many a liquid summer afternoon has been spent it. The snap they’ve chosen perfect captures the blurred and slightly forlorn energy of ‘Morning After’, a fantastic choice. Speaking of summer, ultimately what The Malakites have done is released this new single with enough time for you to learn every word before the summer rolls round, where it will be the perfect soundtrack to all your summery antics.  

Listen to more from The Malakites on Spotify

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Right then, it’s that time again, time to showcase another totally rock n roll band from South Wales! They’re from my home town this time so let’s give it up for Cardiff’s very own, The Malakites. I’m not biased, I promise, when I say that the music scene in the Welsh capital, is absolutely mega […]

You can find out more about The Malakites on their Instagram here, more information about gig at Clwb Ifor Bach here, and if you read this and think ‘I make music and want to chat about it’ you can get in touch with IAMUR here!

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