The Mess Around crowned Aussie surf rock pageant queens with their tongue-in-cheek new single, ‘King of the Street’

The Mess Around

The Mess Around are one bloody great product of the pandemic.  These Perth-based surfer dudes woke up one morning during lockdown in 2021, had a beer for breakfast, and decided they were going to be a band (this is how it all goes down in my fantasy).  There’s mullets.  There’s sunshine & sand.  Ripping guitar melodies bringing us emo pop punk realness.  Everything great about being an Aussie – their Labrador-like friendliness and fantastic comedic timing – is included.  It’s loud, proud, and – at times – outrageous but goddamn does it make us smile.

“A veteran melting pot of musical backgrounds from soul, to pop punk to death metal, adds a multitude of spices to their delicious audible curry.  Their music is chaotic, just like their lifestyles”

The Mess Around

‘King of the Street’ is no exception to the great vibes these dudes give off.  For fans of blink-182, Green Day’s ‘Dookie‘, The Chats – you know what you’re going to be getting; sunshine in a song.  They’ve described the single as ‘about being with your mates and having a good time’.  Surfing, love and positive vibes’ and, honestly, after being released on 9th Sept (RIP Queen Elizabeth II) I think that’s exactly what we need.

Their music video is a low-budget wonder (and I truly commend the writing, the editing & the sheer commitment) – you just know they’ve roped in close friends, cousins, sisters, girlfriends, girlfriends’ younger siblings.  You want to be mates with these guys and you’ve known people like this growing up.  The main protagonist – who I named ‘Mullet Man’ because…well, you’ll see – is the main jokester of the group.  The acting is bad, like a home video re-enactment of Neighbours, but this only adds to the authenticity of a group of mates having a great time.  One particular gem is Mullet Man going to town on an ice cream – so unnecessary but you cannot help but keep watching. I loved it all.

Comedy is the ace in their hand.  One of their more melancholic songs felt a little out of place, something that they’d need to fine-tune as they explore other sounds and vibes going forward, but The Mess Around have nailed this version of surf indie rock.  At this point, ‘King of the Street’ is not even a guilty pleasure – it’s a downright groove in my daily routine.

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