Mistamixtape: What’s in my cans right now?

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Rosellas – Before The Storm

“Manchester based guitar band for fans of DMA’s, The Smiths, Oasis, Night Cafe, the La’s, Shack, Stone Roses. A load of guitars, in a world full of synth. Rosellas give a cheeky nod to the bands of 90’s Manchester whilst drawing sonic comparisons to The Verve, The Stone Roses, also channelling influence from such bands’ modern day counterparts like DMA’s with a melodic sophisticated edge.”

Jabberwocky – Black Monsoon

“If PJ Harvey, Kurt Cobain, and Sonic Youth had a love baby, it might have been named Black Monsoon. Dutch rockers Black Monsoon blend their personal picks from highlights of nineties grunge and alternative rock into their own style of going against the grain. Driven by catchy guitar riffs and the pounding drums of Marjolijn Dokter, the melancholic vocals of frontwoman Jacky Kwast and frontman Teun Guichelaar embrace each other to find comfort. On stage, the alt-rockers express their personal blood, sweat and tears by alienating melodies, unusual guitar tunings and drill-machine solos.”

How Long – Flyswatter

Flyswatter was founded in 1994 by Attila, Marco, Florry, and Tony, they recorded their first album Black and Blue, released in 1999 on Chiller Lounger Records. Second album Repeat in Pattern was released in 2002, followed by their third album Flyswatter in 2004. Between 2004 and 2006 the band had its most intense phase, playing almost 200 shows and recording nearly 50 new songs, but officially separated in 2006. Wind forward a few years, members leaving and returning, the original line-up reformed and released their first new single, How Long, after 14 years in December 2020.

From Satan With Love – The Microdance

The Microdance have had considerable air time on on BBC 6 Music, Kerrang Radio, and Xfm with five-star reviews in Vice, Noisey, Clash, and many other major publications. Nicole Fiorentino (Smashing Pumpkins) and Veruca Salt have been guest vocalists on their album as well as drummer Eric Gardner (Iggy Pop, Morrisey, Cypress Hill, Tegan and Sara, Tom Morello, Moby, KD Lang).

Flowers – Flowvers

FLOWVERS are an English Indie/Alternative band from the South coast city of Portsmouth formed in 2016. Consisting of vocalist Matisse Moretti, drummer Connor Griffiths, guitarist Stan Powell, and bassist Henry Wood. After meeting in their school years and developing different musical tastes, FLOWVERS went on to write and record their first EP. Landing radio play, festival slots, UK tours, and working with producer Gethin Pearson at Eve Studios are amongst some of their early achievements. The boys have since continued to develop their sound of new unheard material in the midst of the pandemic and have just released their Old Chapel Demos EP, 5 Tracks recorded in one day. Their ever changing list of influences includes; New Wave, Post-Punk, 90s alternative and shoegaze.

Girl I Seen – Blether

Blether are a 4 piece indie rock band from Scotland, their sound takes influence from the “Madchester” scene of the late ’80s and early ’90s with a mixture of modern-day rock/ blues bands such as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Black Keys, these influences meld together to create a unique sounding band which plays to genres that are crying for new blood.

Ticking Clock – Kirk McElhinney

Known for his soulful voice and insightful lyrics, Kirk McElhinney’s music combines a rich and vibrant mosaic of acoustic guitar picking that gives him a sound that is both unique and enticing. His concerts are always something of a one-off, mostly down to his free-spirited jamming style and his raw energy that captivates audiences everywhere he performs. During Kirk’s musical career he has supported Scottish folk legend Bert Jansch at concerts across the UK, played alongside the internationally renowned Nitin Sawhney, been part of the band The Safires, and collaborated with Manchester pianist and session musician John Ellis.

Magnet City – Morudes

Band of brothers. Henrik and Amund Maarud have played together for over 30 years spanning multiple genres including blues, psych-rock. Sadly Morudes are no more, however, Norwegian Grammy Award-winning Amund hasn’t stopped for a second. He draw towards a fresh take on blues-based music leading him into many different projects over the years. We’ll be hearing a lot more about Amund very soon!

Renaissance – The Electric Tears

Having experienced relative success early in their career, Irish rock band ‘The Electric Tears’ have done it all. They’ve toured all over the world, including an extended stint in New York, played alongside some of their heroes, and had their fair share of media attention. Read more here.

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