Don’t take Tana’s new trap banger on ‘Face Value’

‘Twas two months before Christmas and all over the land women were getting ready for their office party plans.  New nude lippy for Sarah in sales, sparkling clutch bag for Olivia in marketing, but for the gals in Accounts… a trap banger for predrinks they were hankering!  Suddenly – hark, a gift sent from heaven?  A song from Soundcloud sent to them on the twenty seventh…

Enter Tana.  This fierce young talent, nurtured from Tileyard Education and currently signed to Sony US & Babygrande Records, is certainly an artist to watch.  Her latest single, ‘Face Value’, showcases unapologetic female confidence.  For fans of Billie Eilish or Princess Nokia, Tana uses her silky vocals to remind listeners that appearances are deceiving, particularly in a time where we all seem to be on social media, experimenting with AI or just generally chronically online. 

Listen to Face Value from Tana on Spotify

The synth line is as playful as Tana’s vocals, cooing ‘they think they know me, they think they think they do,‘ and the drums provide a beat for moving your feet to.  In a recent instagram post, she showcases a breakdown of ‘Face Value’ in her bedroom which highlights how great music can be made anywhere, not needing to be overproduced in a studio.  Speaking of the production, they’ve picked a belter.  She’s paired up with Imad Sahli who is genuinely “one of the most exciting go-to producers for rising pop stars all over the world” (@songwritersspotlightuk post on instagram) and it shows.  It’s seamless.  It makes me want to turn down the lights and dance to myself in the mirror. 

From listening to Tana’s previous singles, I do have a criticism that the constraints of sticking to this particular style limits her vocals and we aren’t treated to her impressive belt (which you will want to hear, trust me).  From the Live Room Sessions, her soul / R&B side comes through on ‘Kiss’ and it’s a big, powerful and very carefully controlled voice.  More, we cry, give us more!  For this woman is unapologetic and playful and proudly queer (say it louder for the people at the back) and makes fkin great music.  

From playing the mainstage at UK Black Pride 2022 to a crowd of 25,000 to performing at Pride in London earlier this year, I can see big, exciting projects for Tana in the next couple of years. Keep up to date with on all her socials; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Spotify. If you enjoyed this, check out more reviews from IAMUR here.

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