Afternoon Bike Ride: Basking in ‘Summertime’

Afternoon Bike Ride

Montreal-based trio Afternoon Bike Ride, return with a gorgeous lo-fi indie-pop summer track with sprinklings of dream pop vocals, atmospheric left-field production and intimate acoustic loveliness. The new single, fittingly titled Summertime‘, is in itself an escape from societal noise, transporting you to the long evenings in the warmer months, surrounded by nature, clear skies and good vibes.

The song is a breath of fresh air, quite literarily, with the calming crackles and rustles of nature laying softly under a layer of jazz-like chord progressions and lo-fi drum beats, all adding to the band’s post-genre signature sound. Whilst this track contains many moving parts, they each live in perfect harmony with one another, adding layers of silky and calming reflections of the summer.

Summertime’ is a song that makes you believe that you know what is coming next, until something new and unexpected happens to delight you once again. The new release dropped on July 20th as a love letter to the great times and memories associated with the warmer times of the year, beginning the next chapter in the band’s journey.

Watch the new music video for ‘Summertime’ from Afternoon Bike Ride:

The band, comprising Lia Kurihara (singer- songwriter), David Tanton (Musician & beat maker) and Éloi Le Blanc-Ringuette (Musician & DJ) formed in 2018 in Montreal. Each had found prior success in solo projects before coming together to create an alluring collaboration as a trio of pals, with many musician friends and producers featuring in the band’s work to date. Last year the ABR released their self-titled debut album to much acclaim, praised for its immersive sound and the powerful messages of positivity and self-love found within.

Their last release before this new single, was a collaboration EP with remixed versions of their album tracks, summing up what the band is about; coming together to explore new ideas and uniting people to share in the love of music.

‘Summertime’ carries many of the nuances found in their previous releases, with the evolving layers of the new track merging beautifully together, guided and soothed by Lia Kurihara’s gentle and calming vocal. The track both sonically and lyrically, is the very essence of summer, focusing upon miniature moments of beauty that usually don’t get a second thought, perfectly captured in her lyric: “the buzzing of the bugs at night, Echoes in the chamber of my mind, I’m steeped in summertime”.

The band will be playing their first ever live show at Festival Meg in Montreal on September 2nd, bringing the summer to a close with their beautiful signature sound. I thoroughly enjoyed diving into ‘Summertime‘ with Afternoon Bike Ride and look forward to hearing where their music transports us to in the near future. Meanwhile, check out our interview with the band from November last year.

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