Ari Abdul releases amazing new track, ‘Sinners’ ft Thomas Larosa

ari abdul

Today, 20-year-old artist Ari Abdul releases her new single “Sinners” featuring her producer and friend, Thomas LaRosa. Haunting atmospherics that shimmer in the night are perfectly paired with the heavy burden of earnestness that drips from Ari’s vocals. The way she elongates key words in the chorus shows an execution purposefulness that puts this young artist at the front of the pack. “Sinners” is sophisticated alt-pop that embraces areas of darkness from a rising artist making a sound all her own.

“Sinners” is a duet about a love that didn’t work out but the memories remain and both people hold onto them despite not being together.”

Ari Abdul

Ari is showing what it means to be a break-out star. She’s amassed a dedicated online fanbase and recently announced she’ll be playing a run of show dates supporting MIMI WEBB on her North American tour in October. 

Earlier this year, she released her debut single “BABYDOLL” followed by the sped-up version “BABYDOLL (Speed).” Both versions garnered viral success with over 83M global streams, 400M TikTok views, and 420K TikTok creations. Since then, she’s released the ethereal-pop “Stay,” and the shimmering-seductive “Taste” and has been working in the studio on her debut EP, which is coming soon. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Ari Abdul has forged her own brand of dark alternative pop. She combines the reverb-heavy swells of your favorite shoegaze artists such as The Neighborhood and Lana Del Rey. Combining an array of visual and stylistic influences, Ari has cultivated a mysterious edge to her artistic endeavours.

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