“Green Lung are a British band that blends doom, stoner and proto-metal to create a unique soundscape. With the release of their second album, Black Harvest (2021) they’ve cemented themselves as one of the freshest metal bands on the scene. With dark lyrics on sacrifices, black magic and the pagan reverence for the land, Green Lung has brought the mystic wonder of folklore into the 21st century with the strong occult focus of their songs. With stoner riffs, hypnotic vocals, synths, and creepy samples awash in folk horror references, Green Lung’s esoteric signature sound have earned them a position as a new all-time favourite band for me. After catching them at Bloodstock last year, I’ve had them on repeat. As the perfect sonic companion to Midsommar or The Wickerman, Green Lung’s ‘Graveyard Sun’ will have you itching to reap the rest of the entire harvest and listen to their second album in full, before returning to their earlier Woodland Rites (2019) and EP Free the Witch (2018). Keep your eyes out for these guys; they’re going to make big waves.” – Zara, IAMUR

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