Montreal’s ‘The Ember Glows’ present postpunk-infused ‘Silent Love’ single

Photography Credit: Bryan Gagnon

Montreal-based indie rock / post-punk quartet The Ember Glows present their new single ‘Silent Love’, a sonic exploration of steadfast love, the fragility of life and the power of silence.

With performances that make subtle use of dynamics and trace their roots to guitar-driven new wave, psych rock and ’90s British indie music, their recordings channel the feeling of being front and centre at one of their shows. The four-piece have crafted a sound that boast simple hooks, a pulsating rhythm section, textural guitar interplay and baritone vocals.

Formed in early 2019 by members of Montreal-based indie artists Room ControlREPOScene Noir and Citylake, The Ember Glows is Richard Bunze(guitar), Kevin Hills (bass), Martin Saint (vocals and guitar) and Dan Stefik(drums).

Long-time friends since their teenage years, personal chemistry and musical synchronicity brought them together as The Ember Glows. With all four of them also being part of other bands, what started as a side-project ultimately became everyone’s main music priority, fuelled by their jointly-forged sound and corresponding adrenaline. Each member brings something different to the table – Rich with his knack for texture and big sound, Kevin’s rumbling groovy bass lines, Dan’s manic and melodic drumming, and Martin’s delicate lacing of baritone and jangly guitars.

“This song came about when my ex-girlfriend lost her father last year. This is about how powerless one feels when a loved one mourns the loss of a close relative. The old clichés and platitudes won’t help but you still want to offer the gift of silence and love. Because it came from the heart, the song wrote itself. Even the first band run-through sounded good already. We all knew then it’d be a special one.”

Martin Saint

Recorded at Closet Studios in Montreal, on ‘Silent Love’, the band wears their influences on their sleeves, with elements of Simple Minds, The Cult, Echo and the Bunnymen, early U2, Nick Cave and The Mission at the fore.

Guitarist Richard Bunze elaborates on this song’s development, “After hearing the initial chord structure and vocal melody, I began playing a variation of my current guitar riff. I wanted it to sound wide and ethereal, with a driving gritty character and texture. I think we all added our own TEG stamp on this one!”

As of June 29, the ‘Silent Love’ single will be released everywhere digitally, including Bandcamp, where listeners can also find the band’s latest ‘Passerby’ EP, available digitally and newly released on cassette.

Photography Credit: Bryan Gagnon

Lyrics by Martin Saint.
Music by The Ember Glows
Richard Bunze – guitar
Kevin Hills – bass
Martin Saint – vocals, guitar
Dan Stefik – drums
Recorded at Closet Studios (Montreal) by John Gurnsey and Daniel Karrasch
Produced by Daniel Karrasch and The Ember Glows
Mastered by Daniel Karrasch
Cover photography, artwork & layout by Richard Bunze

July 28 – Montreal @ L’Escogriffe (with Did You Die & The City Gates)
July 30 – Ottawa @ The Atomic Rooster (with Peaks)
August 14 – Montreal @ Montreal RibFest

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