Healing heartache with a pack of Thieves

“Someone always said to me: write from the heart, write from life experiences, and it will show in the music.”

Matthew Cooper, Thieves
Thieves – Front: Matthew Cooper. Back (left to right): Conor Robertson, Harrison Stanford, Pablo Rodríguez

Alternative rock has always been a mutable genre, forced to shape-shift with (or perhaps, against,) the times. Hailing from the English Cotswolds, Thieves have landed on the scene to breathe new life into the mighty overdrive that many know and love.

Upon my first listen to “Quadrangle” (2021) and “Supernatural” (2020), Thieves transported me back to the turbulent alt-rock of my early teens. When Matthew Cooper (vocals) swings from tremoring vibrato to soaring belts, I can hear the legacy of You Me At Six frontman Josh Franceschi, or Mikey Chapman of Mallory Knox. Melodies slip between each instrument, as chugging chords chase the crisp fills of Pablo Rodríguez (drums), the slick licks of Harrison Stanford (bass), and a shred or two courtesy of Conor Robertson (guitar).

Unwilling to settle for the sounds of alt-rock’s past, the four-piece unite their eclectic range of influences to generate highly charged tracks. “I Know I’m Not Enough” rockets towards a breakdown steeped in metalcore, yet “Impossible” opens with tentative reverb before cathartic, Matt Bellamy-inspired falsetto shatters the tension.

The bluesy intro to “Whiskey” proves that Thieves have what it takes to entice fans from across the pond – Stone and Steel Radio Show LA cannot get enough of the track. Continuing their genre-play, the band released two more singles in late 2021: “Noah” sees the band syncopate with synths, and “Runaway” unravels a bending riff remindful of classic rock.

Thieves recorded at the legendary Rockfield Studios in November 2020, an experience they recall with great pride and gratitude (also divulging an amusing, quasi rock ’n’ roll anecdote) during my chat with the band a year later. From finding their identity as a band in the Cotswolds, to creating music out of pain, we discussed the band’s desire for listeners to find solace in their music. They hinted at the impending release of a ‘piano-driven track’ titled “Touch”, and “Infidelity”, an ‘old banger’ which is sure to stoke the interests of longtime fans. Crafting assured yet contrasting tracks with an intense passion for rock, Thieves could very well be a mainstay for modern alt-rock in years to come.

Watch the interview below to find out more about Thieves: 

Scroll through to discover the sound of Thieves:

Thieves at Rockfield Studios

Huge thanks to the guys for their time, and we’re looking forward to hearing more in the future! Readers can find Thieves on all the usual music streaming platforms, and keep up to date over on Facebook and Instagram.

If you’ve enjoyed this interview, feel free to read more of our special features. You never know who you might discover – they could become your new favourite artist!


  • Shaun
    2 years ago Reply

    Nice read, great music.

  • Cory
    2 years ago Reply

    Sick band all around! That vocalist can belt.

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