Vadé, on bringing harmony to the world.

“I think, for us, we just wanna be the best at what we do, and we’re only competing with ourselves. So when we say ‘the best’ it’s more so to do with the best versions of ‘us’…”

Philip Yeboah, Vadé

British a cappella quintet, Vadé, have been making waves across social media platforms with their ‘amalgamation of modern Doo-Wop, Gospel & RnB fused with Jazz, Soul and a Motown flair’. The group have been performing covers, spanning multiple genres, in addition to writing original songs for almost a decade.

Philip Yeboah (Second Tenor) and Joshua ‘JJ’ Hammersley (Bass) founded the group back in the summer of 2013, bringing in Jermaine Sanderson (First Tenor) and Roy Crisp (Third Tenor). Joseph Anti (Baritone/Beatbox) joined in 2015, and after six years with the group, announced his departure at the end of December.

Vadé have a great deal to be proud of, having won Sky One’s talent competition, Sing: Ultimate A Cappella, back in 2017, an incredible achievement which earned them a recording deal with Decca Records and time in the world famous Abbey Road Studios to record debut album, Cry Your Heart Out, released the same year.

In 2018, they won the title of ‘Best Quintet at the a cappella Music Awards in 2018, and have worked with the likes of Gregory PorterBeverley Knight, Geri HalliwellKaty B and Shaun Escoffrey. We managed to speak with Phillip and Roy about their musical adventures, where it all began… and what’s yet to come. Let’s get into it…

Huge thanks to Phillip and Roy for their time, and we wish Vadé all the very best for the future, and to Joseph for the next step in his journey away from the group. Readers can find Vadé on Instagram, Facebook and all the major music streaming platforms. Meanwhile, here’s a selection of videos to enjoy from their YouTube page.

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