Oslo-based Yndling releases deluxe version of self titled EP

Covid has a lot to answer for over the past couple of years… don’t we all know it! Yet, there has been an abundance of lustrous shoots, sprouting through the darkness of it all as far as music is concerned. Yndling, the dream-pop project of Norwegian artist Silje Espevik, is a perfect example of that, emerging from the pandemic with her radiant repertoire of delicate soundscapes and oscillating synths which invites listeners into a place of escapism and resonance.

She made an explosive debut on the music scene in 2021, with the release of her singles ‘Childish Fear’ and ‘Cotton Candy Skies’, with the latter achieving recognition in the “Fresh Finds Indie” Spotify official playlist. After attracting international support from the likes of The Line of Best Fit, Earmilk, Rolling Stone, and Atwood Magazine following her third single, ‘Out of My Way’, Yndling released her debut self-titled EP in January of this year, and has now dropped the deluxe version, rounded off with two new tracks; ‘Fringe’ and the fabulously floaty Plants’.

“To sum all the tracks up, I’d say it’s about how differently people can perceive things, even the same experiences, and the EP really sums up many of the feelings I’ve had as I’ve tried to understand my own needs and separate them from the needs and expectations of the people around me”’. 

Silje Espevik, Yndling

Silje, who takes influence from artists and bands such as Beach House, Tops, Crumb, Hatchie and Mazzy Star, has an understanding that when writing, it is important to “throw away the fear of being too honest or maybe telling a truth that’s not recognized by everyone else and that may feel a little too close for comfort.” 

Yndling is certainly on the ‘one to watch’ list with such a delicious delivery of sonic treats thus far, and her debut full length album, anticipated for 2023, is eagerly awaited. Fun fact… according to the oh-so-reliable Google Translate service, ‘Yndling’ translates to English as ‘favourite’. Silje could not have chosen a better name for this solo project… absolutely an instant favourite for our ears at IAMUR.

Readers can keep up to date with Yndling on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud and all the major streaming platforms.

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