Jaron Natoli releases new single, ‘Bloom’.

A touching and relatable love song, sure to tug on those heartstrings

It’s been almost two years since Jaron’s last outing. He released ‘Somehow‘, towards the end of 2020 at the tender age of 20 years old, which he described as “probably the most personal song I’ve ever written about myself”. Two years on, and he’s back with ‘Bloom‘, a superbly written emotional folk-rock track, packed with an array of lush instrumentation. Writing this song proved to be a cathartic experience for Jaron, allowing him to release his unspoken feelings of heartbreak, and the subsequent healing process, following a break-up with his first girlfriend.

“Bloom is the first song that I’ve written after having the real-life experience of a long-term relationship ending. The melody and bridge were originally born back in 2020, but I shelved the idea… If I didn’t break-up with my girlfriend, Bloom probably would’ve sounded a lot different, or it may have never seen the light of day.”

Jaron Natoli

Accompanying Jaron on ‘Bloom’ are Shannon Bourne (acoustic, electric and slide guitar), Mitch Cairns (bass guitar), Rob John & Leah Hooper (strings) and Robert John Sedky (string arrangement). On percussion and drums for ‘Bloom’ is none other than Matt Johnson, former drummer for Jeff Buckley, in addition to having performed and recorded with the likes of  Rufus WainwrightMartha Wainwright, Beth Orton and St. Vincent.

“The process of writing and recording Bloom, all the way through to the final mix, was a fun and emotional experience. Working with Matt, Mitch (for the second time) and Shannon, was wonderful. I’ll definitely be working with them again.”

Jaron Natoli

Despite his youth, Jaron is by no means a newcomer in the music industry having released three full albums by the tender age of fourteen. He has his father, Chris (himself an accomplished guitarist), to thank for exposing him to music from an early age, and nurturing his growing interest for singing and songwriting which helped get him started at just ten years old. His debut album, ‘It’s You and Me’, follow-up, ‘Better Off On My Own’, and successor, ‘The World We Live In’ contained elements of folk and rock, which eventuated in winning awards in songwriting competitions around the world. 

Jaron continued to grow and experiment with his songwriting, pulling inspiration from electronic and jazz music leading up to the release of an electronic EP titled, ‘Zodiac’ in 2017. In the same year, he was cast as The Troubadour in the award-winning short film, ‘Speaking Daggers’ by Shakespeare Republic, featuring accomplished actors and actresses such as Michala Banas, Nadine Garner, Christoper Kirby and Scott Major. Jaron also composed a hypnotic rendition of the famous Shakespeare poem, ‘O Mistress Mine’ for the short film.

In the years following, Jaron further developed his sound with influences ranging from Jeff Buckley, Keaton Henson and Fleet Foxes to name a few. Songs such as ‘The Seasons They Change’, ‘Please Don’t Go’ and ‘Somehow’ are heartfelt and raw, exposing a deeper, more vulnerable side of himself – a theme that he has continued to explore, and understand, with this latest release.

“I’ve listened to Bloom hundreds of times already, and each time I listen to it, I’m still understanding what it means to me. It’s a strange feeling, because I’ve never experienced that with my songwriting ever before. I think it’s because I’m still coming to terms with how the relationship ended, so it’s like the song itself is helping me heal and process things, if that makes sense. Music is a great healer, too.”

Jaron Natoli

Song Credits:
Songwriting – Jaron Natoli
Produced – Jaron Natoli & Mitch Cairns
Engineering & Mixing – Mitch Cairns
Mastering – Joe Carra
Vocals – Jaron Natoli
Acoustic Guitar – Jaron Natoli & Shannon Bourne
Electric Guitar & Slide Guitar – Shannon Bourne
Bass – Mitch Cairns
Drums & Percussion – Matt Johnson
Strings – Rob John & Leah Hooper
String Arrangement – Robert John Sedky

Music Video Credits:
Director, DOP & Offline Editor – Jaron Natoli
Cameraman & Runner – Chris Natoli
Colourist & Online Editor: Thanassi Panagiotaras
Flower Arrangement: June Harrison at Native Bloom & Foliage Design

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