The joyful Mistine opens up about how music has always been her safe place. 

Photography Credit: biata shem-tov

Sometimes in life, lucky moments come along where we’re given an insight into the life of not only a talented and gifted musician but an all round wonderful human. Introducing someone who is exactly that, Mistine! A rock chick? Absolutely, but also presenting lyrical depth and real experiences within her music and writing. Once you read the back story to her track ‘Everett Park’, you may learn a thing or two about heartbreak and that confronting some of the darker moments, by almost re-writing the narrative can help you to move on. When explained in this interview, it’s almost a ‘why haven’t I done that before’; lightbulb moment, instead of avoiding certain places or situations that might trigger bad feeling. Mistine has a knack for telling it how it is with her words, abetted by music that you can rock out to, it’s almost cathartic to be a fan. 

Mistine’s attitude towards human connection and her fascination with it, undoubtedly impacts the truthfulness in her music and as she continues to experience  life with her big and open heart, we are almost certain lots more will be explained in her songs and it’s exciting to think that her listeners will be privy to that.

What’s quite unique about Mistine is that her songs don’t come across as angsty or bitter, despite the subject matters, her songs are positive. Which doesn’t always happen when belting out a rock song about love and anguish. She”s really nailed that.

There is a real light to Mistine, you only have to look at her socials to see that, a genuinely happy soul who has the edge of a rock star, direct and passionate but with an effortlessly cool edge. She’s pretty much got it all! She also loves tea, so you give me a reason not to love her!   All we can say is a huge thank you to Mistine’s mum, who in the 3rd grade took her to see Piglet’s Big Movie, at the end of the film she spotted Carly Simon playing guitar in the music video, she then decided that would be the life for her.

Playing the guitar and having cute animals around her and she’s managed to achieve that, check out her adorable doggies, Buddy and Holly in the video for Temporary Feeling for proof.  Mistine you rock in many ways and we can’t wait to follow you on your journey of life, singing along loud and proud, just as you’ve requested. Let’s get into the interview!

Photography Credit: biata shem-tov

“I got bullied a lot in middle school, but made great friends outside of school through music. I think that really impacted the value that I put on playing guitar/bass. Music was a safe place for me.” 


What a treat we have from across the pond! Mistine, thank you so much for joining us. If we could start with a bit of an introduction perhaps? Can you tell us a bit about yourself, where you’re from, and what brought you to where you are now in your musical career? You mention that you’re ‘log cabin-born’, which sounds amazing, and much more exciting than living in a cul-de-sac in Essex!

Hello!! I was born in my family’s log cabin in Vermont and grew up in New Jersey! Vermont, in my opinion, is the most beautiful state I’ve ever been to… I love the trees, I love the maple syrup, I love the peacefulness. I started playing guitar in third grade after seeing the Carly Simon music video at the end of PIglet’s Big Movie. I remember leaning over to my mom afterwards and saying that I wanted to do that… I wanted to play guitar and sing in a park and have cute animals running around me. My parents were very supportive and then went on to let me take guitar lessons, join rock bands, and I soon went to college for music. During my senior year, I started touring for other artists, writing songs, and eventually launched my solo artist career this year. 

How important was music for you growing up? And who did you listen to as a teenager? Would you say they have influenced your own musical journey?

Music was so important! I loved music….everything about it! My mom used to sing to me a lot when I was younger. I got bullied a lot in middle school, but made great friends outside of school through music. I think that really impacted the value that I put on playing guitar/bass. Music was a safe place for me. 

We can only imagine how busy you’ve been promoting your newly released EP, ‘Fade’. How’s the promotional journey been so far? We saw pictures of the release show, which looked fantastic.

Thank you so much! The release show was so fun! I got to play on stage with one of my oldest friends, Viiq, and had so may lovely friends and family members show up and support me… a dream! It has been a fun and frustrating journey. Since I’ve never done this before, everything is exciting! I am constantly trying out new tactics and ideas to find out what works for me and what doesn’t. This also leads to frustration at times because I am not always sure what to do next or how to do it, but that is was keeps it interesting! As long as I keep trying and moving forward, I am proud of myself! 

Your voice is just beautiful, dreamy, sincere but also with a real rocky edge and your EP really showcases your immense talent, all the chosen tracks are unique. Was it hard to pick just five songs for ‘Fade’?

Aw thank you for the lovely compliment! Temporary Feeling was a last minute decision…the other songs were fully finished and I just had a feeling that Temporary Feeling needed to be part of this collection of songs. They all just felt right. They all went together and came out of the same year of my life. 

The lyrics to ‘Everett Park’ will resonate with many (interviewer raises hand sheepishly). Many believing after a breakup, that perhaps there is still a chance they may bet back together with an ex. Can you tell us a little about the inspiration for what feels like a very personal track?

I’m so glad you can relate … but also sorry! (laughs). This song was started with the idea of recreating memories in a place that maybe didn’t feel so positive to you anymore. Everett Park was the place that a relationship began and felt like a very full circle and meaningful location to me. I think there’s always that moment after a break that you see them again and start to question everything. To me, this track is empowering. My emotions are very intertwined with locations. I wanted to reclaim the space that didn’t feel so happy to me anymore. No one can hold those feelings over me. I ended up throwing a picnic with my friends a month after in Everett Park and now I love going back there. My friend Tiffany actually moved there recently and I went to her rooftop Wednesday night hang there a few weeks ago and had a lovely time…looking at the park as a place of learning, reminiscing on the memories, and making new memories all at the same time. 

Similarly ‘Just Fade’ is really powerful, wanting an ex to forget you ever existed, to leave you alone and to let you ‘Fade Away’. Again, a situation that many will be familiar with (unfortunately). Does writing a song like that actually help with heartbreak? I know that some artists draw their inspiration from some of their own life struggles. Can those times be when you get an idea for a song? 

When my emotions are high, I definitely feel most inspired and (I think) write my most personal songs since I’m already feeling vulnerable. It is so valuable to create art and write during times or emotional stress, vulnerability, and confusion. Not only do other people relate to it, but it really helps me to process the events that happened, write them down on paper, put them into a song, and then almost just let the feelings go. The process is very instrumental in helping me move on to the next chapter while also honoring the time I spent with said person. 

It’s wonderful to read about the vision for your music and how you’d like your fans to feel when they hear it. It’s almost like you’re presenting music as a soundtrack to the lives of all who listen. With the image being to stop and be in the moment, to consciously capture those occasions. Can you name a time in your life where you look back and think wow, this is a moment? Have those times ever inspired a particular song? 

I think there are so many moments like that. One that comes to mind – a new friend took me surfing for the first time. we hung out at their store, got food, sang songs, got to know each other a little better,…it was a really lovely day. that inspired a song I wrote called arts n is nowhere near finished, but will probably be on the next ep?? 

According to some, ‘albums are dead’ thanks to the ocean of instantly accessible, rapidly released digital music. Releasing music track by track has become the preferred approach by many artists in the post-album world. What’s your take on that – have you considered releasing, or have plans to release, a full album? 

I would LOVE to release a full album. I personally still love listening to albums..especially on a long drive. It really immerses you in someone else’s life and perspective on the world. My favorite thing to do is to ask a lot of questions to spark meaningful conversations with someone on a long drive….just truly try to understand them and get to know them in every way. That’s what an album feels like… a way to get to know the artist. 

I love that your music has been described as, “best played at full volume while driving down the highway screaming the lyrics into the wind with your best friends in the backseat“. There is nothing quite like that, is there? If you were on a road trip and could fill your car with your dream musical heroes, who would you choose? 

OMG, wow this is a great question…. Matty Healy, Steven Tyler, Maggie Rogers, Taylor Swift.

Photography Credit: biata shem-tov

“The entire human experience is fascinating to me. I am always in awe of how other people function.”


You also mention on your website that you “thrive on connections between others and (yourself). Why we are the way we are. Why do we do what we do”. What is it about human nature that intrigues you the most, and where does that curiosity stem from?

The entire human experience is fascinating to me. I am always in awe of how other people function. If I had to pinpoint one concept that intrigues me the most… it would be that x-factor. What makes people click. Why do certain people get along and understand each other while others don’t. The space in between two people. 

Touring with Conan Gray… what an amazing opportunity!! What was that like – were you a Conan fan before the tour? Where did you get to gig? And, how did that all happen? 

I actually had never heard of him until I went to the audition! It was a great opportunity…I learned a lot about the music industry and myself. I made a lot of amazing friends, played epic shows, and developed my love for touring! 

You really pull off effortless chic, we are big fans of your look. How would you describe yourself in terms of style? 

I wear what is comfortable to me! If i had to pin it down.. I think I am somewhere in between girl next door and rock chick (laughs). 

Your Instagram is such a happy place to be… it’s a joy to look through your pictures. Always big smiles and wonderful people having fun. Please tell me that the doggies in your ‘Temporary Feeling’ video are yours? They are the cutest!

The doggies are mine!! – buddy and holly <3 my angels. I think the internet is a hard place to be. There is so much going on so I hope to make people smile through real moments in my life that bring me joy. Life is too short to only focus on the hard times.. 

What’s the dream going forward? A tour, perhaps to the UK? We would welcome you with open arms, especially if you bring the doggies! And we promise to supply you with all the tea you can drink! We know you’re a fan and we are massive fans of you!

The dream is to tour the world and make more music!! I would love to bring the doggies to the UK…you would love them. Also, get these songs in some indie movies. drink more tea (hopefully with you!!), enjoy more nature, make more art, spend more time with people I love. Oh and more dogs…always more dogs.

Listen to Mistine’s latest EP release, ‘Fade’ on Spotify:

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