Taxi to Scarborough? Nalgo Bay’s fantastic new single has got some drive!

Nalgo Bay
Photography Credits: Stewart Baxter

Nalgo Bay, the amazing British duo from a small village in Cayton, Scarborough, have given us a reason to use the previously underutilised taxi emoji (accompanied by a link to their new single) when texting friends!

Falling somewhere between the likes of Florence and the Machine and Fleetwood Mac, the band enjoyed great success earlier this year with their debut track Amsterdam, gaining almost 1,500 listeners on Spotify. The latest release from this edgy, alternative rock duo, Taxi is a perfect example of their fiery, hooky approach to creating music, demonstrating a classic blend of indie-rock vocals and gritty guitars.

Terri-Ann Pendergast and Harry Bullen have created a song that lulls with soft piano and comedic lyrics from the outset before hooking you in with a punchy build. The more you listen to it, the better it sounds and the more sense it makes – Taxi is one of those tracks you can play on repeat, clutching a can of Red Bull, when you need a bit of a boost.

Watch the brand new music video for Taxi by Nalgo Bay here:

Accurately describing the popular stress of stumbling home at 5am after too many drinks, the song has heaps of humour and charisma – lyrics such as, “oh, where’s my mango chutney in the curry house at 5am”, are the perfect example of that. It is this mix of personality and talent that is sure to pull in and entertain their audience. Taxi is an intoxicating, witty, ‘don’t take life so seriously’ track will leave fans excited and thirsty for the next single. And, If you’re craving a bit of public transport having listened to this track, you can set a course for Scarborough, home of the Headland Festival, where Nalgo Bay will perform their new single later this month, on 27th August.

Nalgo Bay have the potential to go far and are certainly a band to look out for. You can find more about the band on InstagramTwitter, and TiktTok, where they tend to post live stripped back versions of their songs.

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