“The song ‘Under the Patio’, is a beautiful yet edgy alternative rock track from Bristol rock outfit Little Thief, formed by Charlie Fitzgerald and Rhii Williams in 2015. The track somehow makes you want to cry and dance at the same time, shifting through each change of mood through beautifully executed performances and production. The song is the title track of the band’s debut album, released in September of 2021 after a successful crowdfunding campaign allowed the band to begin their first album project.

The single is both comforting and hostile all at once, greeting you at first with a soothing yet haunting ambience, until the volume and distortion is cranked to the heavens to get you grooving along to the chorus. The single and its captivating dollhouse music video, explores a rather sinister set of events whilst also delivering moments of sheer beauty. The merging contrasts of haunting vulnerability and soaring rock, is what makes this song such a triumph. It’s something daring and refreshing and the band pull it off superbly. When asked to cover the ‘Pick Of The Week’, it was an easy decision to make. I think this track may be on repeat in my house for a while.”


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