Vierre Cloud releases new track ‘creation’

20-year-old Sydney producer and artist Vierre Cloud has shared new track creation, which is his first release through RCA Records and follows his popular 2019 single moment.

Producing music since 2015, Vierre Cloud has a modern approach to Drum ‘n’ Bass, inspired by 1990s UK Club Culture, but with a leaning towards both lo-fi and garage. He began sharing music on the underground Soundcloud scene, including drum ‘n’ bass, wave, lo-fi and trap, influenced early on by the likes of MF DOOM, Oliver Francis and $uicideboy$. His sound today is less influenced by musical peers, but instead by both feeling and experience, and his single moment, which sampled Frou Frou’s ‘A New Kind of Love’, has reached #1 on the Planet Rave Spotify chart amassing 100 million total global streams.

creation is based on the feeling of nothing else mattering in the world and is inspired by emotion. It is a psychedelic track which merges both drum and bass and lo-fi with an upbeat yet introspective melody that makes you want to let go, as portrayed in the accompanying visualiser;

 Vierre Cloud is currently in the studio and will be sharing further new music soon.

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