Pune-based post-rock band, Lotus, release new album ‘Dear Diary’

Dear Diary artwork – Illustration and layout: 5thintercostal

Music is a sublime language of emotions, capable of capturing and transferring feelings in a way that written words can hardly express. ‘Dear Diary’, the latest album from Pune based post rock influenced band Lotus, is best described as a diary written in this language of music. This is an expression of feelings that have touched each of us in our most vulnerable moments, in the last few years more than ever, albeit with the closure that many of us still look for. Anchored by post-rock influenced rhythmic groove and atmospheric guitars, the artists lay bare their own stages of grief, love, acceptance and reminiscence.

The tracks in ‘Dear Diary’ are all written as diary entries, each one representing a slice of life and an overarching emotion through its composition. ‘Don’t Feel a Thing’, for example, starts off with a “bittersweet” sounding chord progression. The movement between the major to minor chords in this progression evokes the emotional numbness that often follows an overwhelming experience. ‘Vision’, features a dramatic groove shift after its intro, emulating the feeling of an uncontrolled fall as a metaphor for anger. It finally concludes with an electronic groove to resolve the chaos.

Lotus’ compositional choices in ‘Dear Diary’ go further than the traditional styles of rock and post rock music. This is most evident in its exploration of nostalgia with ‘Take a Day Off’. The band complements ambient sounding guitar layers with electronic Lo-Fi beat samples, a far cry from its earlier distortion-heavy soundscape. The beginning of ‘Move On’ is a medley of guitars with electronic sounds where the unusual sounding chords add a slight dissonance and a sense of unease. With the use of melodic dissonance and waves of electronic texture Lotus wanted the instrumentation to emulate the kind of melancholy that leads to acceptance of a loss. The album concludes with ‘If Only You Knew’ a crescendo of synths, ambient guitars and electronic drums, a glimpse into the personal journey of the artists to who they are today.

After their debut EP, ‘Emergence’, an outburst of chaos and intensity marked by heavy distortion and shifting chord progressions and layers, ‘Dear Diary’ journals the evolution in Lotus’ sound as they become a four-piece Band. Original bassist Robert Alex and guitarist Siddharth Amarnath are joined by Collin Francis on Vocals and Abhishek Mujumdar on Drums. 

“For us as musicians, the instrumentation, the lyrics, choosing the harmonies, melodies and layers, they’re all a collection of thoughts given a sound, intent and character – a form of journaling. Similar to how one would author a book, or paint on canvas. For creators, their body of work is the journal. We wanted to pour everything we’re experiencing as individuals, as well as a unit into this album. Be it our individual experiences though life, adulthood, love, the feeling of loss of a loved one, emotional attachments (and detachments) with friends and family. Dear Diary is us finding closure and understanding with these aspects of our lives.” 


Equal parts concept and fusion, ‘Dear Diary’, above all, is a piercing expression of vulnerability and emotions from a band that refuses to let itself be defined by the confines of any particular genre. 

About Lotus

Immersing listeners in cascading waves of rhythmic groove and atmospheric guitars through an ocean of ambient harmonies, Lotus is a Pune-based Outfit that is pushing the envelope of genre based music, by fusing rock, prog, post-rock & electronic music to create an aural experience like no other.

Evolving from an Instrumental studio project and post release of their Debut EP, Emergence, Lotus is now a complete four piece Band, with Robert Alex on Bass Guitar, Collin Francis on Vocals, Abhishek Mujumdar on Drums and Siddharth Amarnath on Guitars.

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