Rising hyperpop star ElyOtto releases new track – Stalker

Rising Hyperpop star ElyOtto has released his new track “Stalker” via RCA Records. The track is written and produced by ElyOtto and follows his previously released track “Profane”, which marked the first taste of new music since the explosive launch of “SugarCrash!” earlier this year.

“This song’s lyrics are about nothing in particular, just vague sci fi struggles from another dimension…It sure sounds great though, methinks”

EllyOtto, commenting on his latest track.

Elliott Platt, the 17-year-old singer, songwriter and producer from Calgary, Canada known as ElyOtto, had taken the internet by storm with his insanely catchy earworm of a song “SugarCrash!” which reached #11 on the TikTok Viral Charts and has garnered over 8M creations. The Hyperpop bop has bounced off the platform and is a streaming juggernaut with 100M streams on Spotify to date, peaked at #43 on the Spotify U.S. chart and reached No. 1 on Spotify’s U.S. Viral 50 playlist in February. The track earned a much buzzed about remix featuring pop sensation Kim Petras and on-the-rise artist/producer Curtis Waters as well. 

ElyOtto, who has been called “the New Face of Hyperpop” by SPIN Magazine, is looking forward to releasing more new music in the coming months.

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